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Stragistics Technology provides an array of technology solutions to shape your company’s vision and transform it into today’s reality

Our talented team works with you to achieve optimal technical solutions tailored to the unique needs of your company. We work with you to plan, produce, and control the execution of technology solutions within time and budgetary constraints. Together, we engage in an evolutionary approach, flexible enough to identify the critical path, prioritize deliverables, and manage risks and resources. We confer with you to enhance your company’s technology vision and transform it into reality. Whether your company needs custom software development, internet solutions, or systems integration, Stragistics Technology can guide your organization to achieve its highest potential. Our team has the proven experience to make the difference between vision and reality.

Why Stragistics?


Our clients have specific technology challenges that affect people, performance, and/or profits. They need partners who understand their business environment to integrate their needs with the right technology to get to the right solution.

  • They are healthcare organizations launching applications for new patient touch points
  • They are organizations replacing legacy systems
  • They are government entities trying to build and sustain the right infrastructure to serve their constituents
  • They are manufacturers that cannot afford downtime when they upgrade.

Technology language and tools evolve at an accelerated pace. Keeping your systems and infrastructure connected, efficient, and modernized is beyond a full time job. We bring the vision, the planning, the experts, and the cutting edge skills needed to successful meet your technology challenges.

We Are Committed to Our Clients


Your technology projects are a vehicle to move your organization forward. Don’t take chances on just any “driver” to get you to your destination efficiently and successfully. There is a cascade of loss when these challenges are not addressed with the right talent and resources.

We’ve developed “The Stragistics Talent Differential” to consistently produce successful results for our client. This difference is our 360* Environmental Match, The Talent Firewall, and Strategic Planning.

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